About Us  


“Building the ultimate dream home, whether for yourself or a client, involves thousands of details. Finding the right materials to be customized to your exact specifications can be challenging - as can getting accurate information and quality service - which is why we founded Distinctive Building Materials.


Distinctive Building Materials specializes in antique building materials and rare sizes of wood which have been reclaimed from old barns, mills and factories which have been slated for demolition. We salvage these timbers and mill them into wide plank flooring. Each of our antique floors is custom designed and handcrafted to meet the standards of the most discriminating client. The result: floors with beauty and integrity of a century ago, yet are easy to install, extremely stable and as unique as the people for whom they are created. Other timbers we salvage remain as beams and hence become a stunning focal point for any home. These beams are custom milled to your requirements. Our clients also like the option of using antique wood for their cabinets and doors. We are happy to provide rough stock to a millwork shop of your choice or we will have them manufactured for you.


At Distinctive Building Materials we take the time to get to know each of our clients. We will be happy to meet with you at our office or at your job site. Our clients are contractors, architects, designers and the most discerning home owners who have an appreciation for the reclamation of antique woods. We will educate you about our products, suggest options, and help you create continuity throughout your home or business. Since everything we do is custom, we can suggest details that will enhance your vision of what the home should be.  By overseeing every step, from our initial meeting, to delivery, installation and follow-up, we assure you that everything you select from Distinctive Building Materials will meet or exceed your expectations.”


Wendy McGrew, Owner